With over 40 years’ experience in installation, maintenance, commissioning, interfacing and radar optimisation, Tellumat Air Traffic Management (ATM) has developed several radar processing and display applications for various types of radars together with firmware for embedded systems to both interface and provide control for numerous radar systems.

Our hardware and software design capabilities have seen us design a multitude of different interfaces allowing for seamless integration between legacy and modern sub-systems, thus significantly extending the life cycle of radar systems. With every radar having its own specific requirements when it comes to interfacing and control, our design capabilities ensure a tailored solution to address each customer’s unique needs ranging from microcontroller-based interfacing to environmental and various other element control.

Usage of the very latest in modern technology further ensures the longevity and future proofing of these systems.


  • Obsolescence management: Significantly extends the product life cycle of various radar systems.
  • Proven quality: ATM understands radar, evidenced by our track record and proven capability of over 40 years.
  • Software vs hardware: Longevity of software solutions far outweighs that of hardware, considerably reducing risk of damage and need for replacement.
  • Cost-effective: Software solutions involve a once off cost, with minimal replacement or redesign.
  • Increased efficiency and reliability: No downtime in comparison to hardware solutions. Software solutions also come with the added benefit of being able to self-monitor, thereby capable of detecting potential faults much earlier.
  • User-friendly: Intuitive and user-friendly design.
  • Flexible: Our software solutions are easily customisable to customer requirements.

Typical Customers

  • Defence Forces
  • Tactical Radars
  • Military Radars
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Surveillance
  • Maritime/ Naval

A Case in Point

AR3D long range radar

ATM embarked on a large-scale upgrade to the AR3D long range radar systems designed in the 1970s. All the processing and display systems were replaced with modern Commercial Off the Shelf units. RTCA DO278 software certification was achieved, making Tellumat the first company in South Africa to do so on Air Force ground systems. The project involved a complete software redesign (primary and secondary data processing and data distribution), scan converter display upgrade, complete inhouse hardware interface design, TCP/IP networked solution with data output to remote display centres and the mechanical redesign of the radar cabin interior. Testimony to ATM’s expertise, the upgraded systems are currently still in use as the prime Air Defence radars in the country.

ATC33 approach radar

ATM replaced the obsolete primary and IFF plot extractors with software plot extractors and new display systems on a set of six radars used by the South African Airforce for approach on all its

runways. The project involved replacing the legacy primary plot extractors with a state-of-the-art software plot extractor, the legacy IFF plot extractors with IFF software plot extractors and the display

systems with software-based scan conversion systems. It provided remote data input/output capabilities and monitoring, diagnostic and plot recording/replay functionality. ATM’s COTS offering also included a complete inhouse hardware interface design.

Our Offering

Our speciality and focus lies in replacing obsolete hardware systems with software-based solutions, thereby providing a cost-effective upgrade path encompassing software-based plot extractors for both primary and SSR/IFF. In addition, software-based scan conversion allows for visualisation of raw radar pictures via an LCD display. Customisable display systems cater to each customer’s individual requirements, further enhancing and simplifying the user experience.

Air Traffic Management (ATM) has a strong track record in the industry with over 40 years’ experience within South Africa’s Defence Force and many of South Africa’s commercial airports. Part of the Tellumat Group, our mission is to ensure airspace safety by supplying and maintaining compliant air traffic management systems to new and existing customers in developing markets.