Tellumat Air Traffic Management (ATM), the full-service ground-based aircraft navigation technology provider to civilian airports around southern Africa, is uniquely committed and equipped to support aviation safety in the region – and winning the deals to prove it.

Managing Executive Bennie Langenhoven says the company has distinguished itself in the market for airport navigation aids as can be determined by the length of its successful track record, the breadth of its portfolio and its end-to-end service focus.

Case in point
On the strength of this unparalleled pedigree, Tellumat ATM recently won a contract with the Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) for the supply, installation and maintenance of navigation aids at Kilimanjaro International Airport, training of airport personnel and a host of other services.

These included performing an audit on numerous classes of equipment, providing a technical helpdesk capability to ensure continuous support and operation of ATM systems and, crucially, providing an equipment repair service.

To further ensure that the TCAA stays up-to-date with appropriate technology and its equipment remains serviceable for the entire life cycle, Tellumat will also recommend and offer suitable solutions during the period of the TCAA contract.

Supply, repair and maintain
Langenhoven explains the need for a repair function:

"Air traffic is increasing on the continent – a happy prospect for further growth and prosperity, but with it comes an increasing responsibility to look after the installed base of ground-based air navigation equipment. There is a lot of serviceable legacy equipment which is essential to air travel on the continent and airports want to keep operational for many years to come."

In the interests of better safety in African skies, he says the business is not just interested in lucrative new equipment upgrades and support contracts, but also has the skills and capacity to maintain and repair legacy equipment, which is so prevalent in the region. Tellumat provides such maintenance and repair services to a number of regional Civil Aviation Authorities and other airport customers, in support of equipment from various original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s).

"We believe our readiness to maintain and repair in- or out-of-maintenance contract equipment sets us apart from other providers and makes us a credible choice as a partner for airport navigation aids across the equipment’s life cycle. We are not the only company offering maintenance services, but Tellumat ATM is definitely focused on this capability. We further believe we are unequalled in the breadth and length of our capability and involvement in this field, with some of our maintenance contracts having extended the life of air navigation equipment to more than 30 years."

Strong pedigree
As part of the Tellumat Group, Tellumat ATM draws on 35 years’ experience in defence aviation. During this time the group has built up a portfolio of strong OEM relationships for navigational aid systems including radar, instrument landing systems (ILS), runway lights, precision approach systems, direction finders and weather observation systems. Tellumat ATM also benefits from strong expertise in systems design, solution integration, installation, maintenance and repairs, says Langenhoven.

"It is this strong capability and skills component, developed in the defence aviation market, that we are building on in Tellumat ATM and extending into the civilian-focused arm of the business."

Better aviation safety partnerships
Langenhoven says at a time of economic growth in Africa, Tellumat ATM fills a crucial niche.
The company extends a hand of partnership to airports and civil construction groups currently undertaking upgrades. "We want to be part of Africa’s economic resurgence, assisting to make it a responsible and sustainable resurgence. Better aviation safety begins with sound partnerships across the lifetime of air navigation systems and equipment," he says.