The new paradigm in solar water heating. The only solar solution that is able to heat a standard geyser without modifying the existing geyser plumbing installation.

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Practical innovation: turning possibility into reality

Tellumat’s strategic projects group (SPG) is dedicated to seeking out new business possibilities linked to our core areas of expertise. We believe strategy is dynamic. It involves flexibility combined with the vision and courage to think differently and read the market proactively. We are constantly researching, analysing and evaluating our markets and talking to customers to find how we can add value and create something new. We specialise in niche or potential opportunities where we can anticipate trends and foster a pioneering approach.

Our roots in the local and global technology space, boosted by long-term relationships, a world-class manufacturing facility and access to key resources give us an edge. We believe in partnering with customers to solve problems, identify technologies and incubate new concepts. We are passionate about creating innovative products or solutions and promoting new ways of doing business. A challenge is just an opportunity by another name.

Seeking the spark that makes business sense

‘As a company, we’re exceptionally focused on what we do and how we do it. We work hard to understand the challenge from the customer’s perspective – to experience it the same way they do – that’s where the creative spark lies. Having the flexibility to align with their thinking,  is the key – and of course the expertise.’Shaun Hendricks (Managing Executive, Strategic Projects Group)