Market need

Securing linear assets (pipelines, cabling, etc.) and critical infrastructure (military base perimeters, borders, etc.) using conventional technologies can be difficult, prone to false alarms and generally provide alerts after the fact.

Because such assets often cover great distances, languish deep underground or traverse areas with no lighting or communications, they’re frequently inaccessible – physically, visually or otherwise – as well as difficult and costly to protect using traditional methods.

Specifically, the safety of assets and efficacy of protection systems is complicated by:
• high-threat or noise environments
• lack of electricity in remote locations
• above and below-ground assets in variable terrain
• bad weather and darkness
• the need for time-critical, around-the-clock alert and response mechanisms, and
• the need to distinguish between genuine, false and nuisance alarms.

Technology solution

Using Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), Tellumat offers a cost-effective technology solution that provides real-time monitoring and alerts with advance warning of threats and the elimination of false alarms.

DAS exploits the Rayleigh backscatter phenomenon of ordinary telecoms fibre-optic cable to convert the fibre into a highly sensitive acoustic sensor. The technology uses advanced signal processing to divide a 40km length of sensing cable into 4 000 virtual microphones, spaced 10m apart. Specific algorithms are used to classify nearby sound patterns into activities, such as walking, digging and driving a vehicle.

The persistence and pattern of the activity is then used to trigger an alert, which is shown on a map and can be cued to other monitoring devices such as CCTV cameras or even unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Without huge manpower resources or ‘eyes on’ all points, our solution protects assets of significant length (tens to thousands of kilometres) that hold intrinsic value (e.g. pipelines, power lines, highways, railways or strategic sites/perimeters such as military bases, airports, borders, oil wells or mines).


Cost-effective and robust over vast distances, the system provides real-time activity alerts (with customisable thresholds) for automated 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting.

It requires just one unused ‘dark’ fibre for monitoring and another for data communication, enabling rapid and cheap installation via connection to existing fibre – without affecting normal use. Typically, installations use optic fibre from existing telecoms or SCADA fibre-optic standard cabling.

The system is covert and inert and deployed at low density, and the fibre may be buried directly or deployed in a separate duct adjacent to the asset.

Tellumat offers broad integration with other sensors and response systems, very long mean time between failure (MTBF) and pin-point location accuracy to within 10 metres.