Our comprehensive ‘under-one-roof’ facility has the flexibility and capacity to provide complete electronic manufacturing solutions to satisfy customer-specific needs.

Prototyping and pre-production to high volume production

  • Assisting customers through industrialisation
  • Engineering services
  • Jig design and test solutions
  • Data pack development
  • Product and process refinement

Lead-free assembly

International standards prohibit six substances known for potential health hazards, one of which is lead.

  • Lead-free copper, silver paste, tin paste, and wire assembly services within permissible safety standards


  • Mechanical integration expertise
  • Wiring, looming, and harnessing

SMT facilities

  • Placement of 0201 level components
  • 4 mm pitch ball grid array placement
  • Odd-form component placement
  • Reworking of facilities including ball grid array
  • In-process electrical components verification
  • Automated optical inspection


  • Full test solution development
  • Board level to final system testing
  • Radio frequency (RF) test specialists (up to 40GHz)
  • Environmental testing and stress screening (“burn-in”)
  • Calibration

Conformal coating and washing

  • Spray and dip coating