Technological innovation to meet customer and market demand

In a rapidly changing marketplace, choosing the right electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider can be make or break when positioning new products for success. With over 50 years in electronic manufacturing, Leratadima Tellumat Manufacturing (LTM) has the engineering expertise, capability and reputation to guide you successfully through the entire manufacturing process.

Innovation and customer satisfaction are what drive us: we thrive on the challenge of developing product solutions that push the boundaries of opportunity and possibility for customers. Our electronic manufacturing solutions currently span a growing array of sectors, including telecommunications, aerospace, military, security, metering, industrial, gambling machines, gaming, audio-visual and medical. At Leratadima Tellumat Manufacturing, we do what we say to the highest quality and with no come-backs.

All under one roof

Our electronics assembly and manufacturing facility is uniquely structured and equipped to enable us to partner with customers to ensure a flexible, best-fit electronic manufacturing strategy – from ‘labour only’ to complete product life cycle support and value add services. This includes quick turnaround, prototyping and pre-production, and low and high volume production. While speed to market is critical, so is reliability and quality output.

In addition to our engineering capability, we assist international service providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to localise, and where necessary, industrialise their products. This allows them to access and service South African markets more effectively.

A proudly South African joint-venture

Leratadima Tellumat Manufacturing is a proudly South African joint-venture electronics manufacturer and related technology solutions provider. We are Level-4 B-BBEE rated and ISO 9001:2015 certified. LTM is owned by Leratadima Marketing Solutions (51%) and technology solutions provider, Tellumat (Pty) Ltd (49%).

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Full service from product development, new product introduction / industrialisation, procurement materials management, and manufacturing to distribution and outbound logistics, and post manufacturing services. Read more

Localisation and strategic sourcing

South African government procurement projects routinely require a large percentage of local content. In addition, the revised B-BBEE codes place increasing emphasis on local procurement and enterprise development to fulfil the government’s objective of driving job creation and facilitating upliftment of previously disadvantaged individuals. Read more