Video data and audio link solutions

Security | Defence | Agriculture| Forestry | Environment For users of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), reliable communications forms an essential component of their operational capability, providing for control of the unmanned platform and its payloads as well as delivery of the platform status to the operator and payload data to the user recipients. Tellumat specialises in secure UAS communication solutions that provide high data rates with low latency which are ideally suitable for the transmission of high definition video.  A number of models are available with  interfaces catering for a wide range of applications. Additionally, Tellumat provides various antenna positioners that complement the data links to create a complete communication solution.  The antenna positioners make provision for various antennae and data link combinations which cater for different terrestrial and operational applications over a wide operating range. The combination of the versatile data links and multi-capable antenna positioners allows Tellumat to provide an effective tactical communication solution that can be utilised by UAS as well as rotary and fixed wing aircraft applications.

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