Unmanned systems are changing the way military and law-enforcement forces operate today. The success of any UAS is the manner in which they integrate with manned activity and the ability to do so as a provider of intelligence and a capability multiplier and at reasonable cost.

ASTUS is a high-performance, medium-sized UAS developed and produced by Tellumat for a variety of airborne surveillance and monitoring applications at a very competitive pricing compared to the other market offerings.

Our UAS includes unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), portable ground control system (GCS) and all the support elements required to operate the system.  The networked architecture of the GCS provides flexibility in the geographic distribution of these elements to meet most mission objectives.

The integrated system offering includes flight mission computers, INS navigation sensor packs, Operator Control Units, Antenna Positioners and Data links.

The system is modular and easy to transport. The simplicity of deployment ensures that the system is operational in a short period of deployment with a minimum crew of 4 people.

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