We set up and facilitate training programmes primarily in radar, navigation and communication systems. As we develop the curricula and provide the manuals, our programmes are readily customisable to suit your needs and levels of skill.

Radar training course outline

• Radar principles
• Radar Sighting
• Radar antenna training (primary and secondary)
• Radar transmitters and receivers
• Radar signal processing
• Radar displays
• Secondary surveillance radar
• Project management
• Systems management
• Configuration management
• Logistics management
• Technical monitoring and operating workstation
• Software Scan Conversion and Software Plot Extraction

Navigation systems course outline

• CVOR Principals
• DVOR Principals
• ILS, DME and Marker Beacons Principals
• TACAN/DME Principals
• NDB Principals
• HR/V/DF Training
• AGL Training
• AWOS Training
• ATIS Training
• VHF Communications Training
• HRDF Training
• Earthing installation and testing Training
• Site Survey Training

Voice communication and control systems course outline

• Harris Liberty Star VCCS Communications Technical and Operators Course
• Digital Voice and Data Recording Systems Course

Other courses

• Test Equipment (Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Multi-meter and more)
• Embedded microcontroller software and system design