Having maintained the SAAF radar systems for 30+ years, Tellumat knows about radar.

Since installing our first radar system in 1969, we have built not only expertise in radar and air traffic control systems but also relationships with trusted suppliers and OEMs to support our customers. Driven by safety, quality and flexibility,  50+ years’ experience in defence aviation gives Tellumat ATM a unique perspective. Our experience and track record in the military field and rapidly expanding presence in civil aviation places us at the forefront of developments in radar and air traffic control systems across sub-Saharan Africa.

Long-term partnerships matter. As field leaders, Tellumat ATM works closely with OEM partners to advise customers using our extensive systems design, solution integration, installation and upgrading capability, backed by our extensive maintenance and repairs service offering.

As air traffic expands across African skies, our unparalleled expertise, intelligent approach and commitment to safety enables us to add real value to factored products and systems. In addition, our expertise in all aspects of legacy equipment ensures innovative, cost-effective and long-lasting radar solutions for our customers.

  • Systems design
  • solution integration; installation and upgrading
  • customised training
  • maintenance and repairs

A case in point

Tellumat modernises the SAAF Air Defence Radar System

Following its successful upgrade of Umlindi antenna, transmitters and signal processing, Tellumat upgraded and replaced important elements of the SAAF Umlindi long range air-defence radar system with the integration of a new processor suite, technical monitor work stations, custom-written software, servers and a converged TCP/IP network.

Having maintained the SAAF radar system for 30 years, Tellumat has extensive radar experience and knowledge.

In consultation with Armscor, Tellumat opted for commercial off-the-shelf processing and display units to achieve a cost effective solution with a low-cost future upgrade path.

Tellumat upgrades SAAF Airfield Approach Radar Systems

Tellumat upgraded 6 SAAF sites with enhanced capabilities. Using Cambridge Pixel SPx software, Tellumat designed and implemented a dual channel radar processing system to select areas of interest from incoming video, extract plots of potential targets and scan convert radar video.

Tellumat long-standing relationship with the SAAF and its creative design expertise allows it to source partners and develop long-term, cost effective solutions.