International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) registered ground-based air navigation systems supplier.

In conjunction with our global technology partners, we supply, install, commission, upgrade and maintain both en route and approach ground-based navigation systems in South Africa and other Sub-Saharan African countries. Our capacity and expertise backed by our end-to-end service focus goes beyond new equipment upgrades and support contracts: our aim is to create lasting value for our customers.

We believe aviation safety begins with sound partnerships across the lifetime of air navigation systems and equipment. Our track record and experience bear this out. Building on our strong capability and skills component, honed by 50 years in the defence aviation market, we have also become the service provider of choice for various regional civil aviation authorities and other airport customers.

Our many years experience has provided us with unparalleled knowledge and capacity at maintaining and repairing legacy systems. Our intelligent and creative approach significantly extends the life of air navigation equipment. Furthermore, our cost-effective maintenance and support for a wide range of OEM equipment is a real advantage for customers in such a competitive and rapidly developing market.

We  believe our readiness to maintain and repair in- or out-of-maintenance contract equipment sets us apart from other providers and makes us a credible choice as a partner for airport navigation aids across equipment life cycles. We are not the only company offering maintenance services, but Tellumat ATM is definitely focused on this capability. We further believe we are unequalled in the breadth and length of our capability and involvement in this field, with some of our maintenance contracts having extended the life of ground navigation equipment to more than 30 years .” Bennie Langenhoven

  • CVOR
  • DVOR
  • ILS
  • DME
  • NDB
  • HR/V/DF
  • ATIS


Maintenance Projects