Tellumat supplies, installs and maintains airfield ground lighting (AGL) systems in partnership with leading OEM suppliers. We specialise in both traditional and innovative airfield illumination solutions, including LED lights, and emergency airfield lighting systems (EALS). Every airfield or aerodrome brings its own challenges, and Tellumat’s depth of knowledge and impressive service and technology range matches those challenges – from game farm airfields to international airports.

Expert decision-making and support makes a difference

Efficient monitoring of electronics reduces maintenance; for example, software-based light segmentation reduces the length of cabling and the trenching distance. In addition, LED offers a long-lasting light source, low power consumption, low environmental impact and robustness in all weather conditions and airfield vibration. With new installations, airports can save up to 85% on the costs of installing and maintaining the LED solution.”-Patrick Duffy, ATM

Airfield ground lighting product range

  • Complete line of inset runway, taxiway and heliport lights
  • All types of elevated lights and taxiway guidance lights
  • Constant current regulators with pulse width modulation (PWM) for best electrical performance
  • Series circuit selector switches
  • Flashing light, obstacle light
  • Best quality electronic control and monitoring of circuits and individual light units
  • Mobile (portable) airfield lighting system
  • Emergency airfield lighting system (EALS)

EAL components

  • Edge lights
  • Approach lights
  • Approach strobes
  • Threshold/end lights
  • Precision approach path indicators (PAPIs)
  • Taxiway lights and reflectors
  • Distance-to-go (DTG) marker lights and reflectors
  • Cabling
  • Generators
  • Regulators
  • Spare parts and tools
  • Flashlights for night installations

Emergency airfield lighting system

Our self-contained and quick to install EALS is used extensively in Africa. It lights airfield runways of up to 150 by 10 000 ft even in adverse handling conditions.

Tellumat applies cutting edge AGL skills at Somerset East

As the specialised electrical subcontractor, Tellumat supplied, installed and commissioned revolutionary light-emitting diode (LED) technology at Somerset East Airfield. Read more

Tellumat lights up Kwandwe

Drawing on its multi-faceted knowledge and experience in traditional AGL technologies, Tellumat was able to supply and commission a halogen technology system at the Kwandwe Private Game Reserve airfield, near Grahamstown.         Read more

Halogen or LED – Tellumat helps you decide

The decision is based on many factors: depending on whether it is an upgrade or a new installation, the customer may want to continue with existing technology assets or seek the benefit of newer LED technology.

In other cases, the landing craft decides – some private jets use technology that relies on the heat from halogen lamps during landing.

LED technology has many advantages though – not in the initial pricing but in the benefits inherent in the design, control and regulation of the systems that lead to significant savings over their installed lifespan.

Tellumat ATM is adding to its Mahikeng business with an installation of direction finders for ATNS (Air Traffic and Navigation Services, which controls 10% of the globes airspace in terms of geographical coverage).

During the Department of Roads and Transport (NW Province) 11-month contract, Tellumat specialists replaced the existing AGL system: all the lights, PAPI’s, constant current regulators (CCRs), control system and power cables.  Safegate equipment was supplied, with cable sleeves and manholes being installed to support system maintenance.

The existing ILS was replaced with an Indra Navia System and the marker beacons with a DME. New shelters and a Glide Path mast were also supplied.

A new fibre optic cable network connects the ILS with the control tower and monitors/ controls the AGL system.

The ILS & AGL systems were both inspected and calibrated successfully by the SACAA.

Download our free checklist for successful Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) installations

  • Site selection; survey and preparation
  • Project management
  • Systems installation
  • Systems commissioning Systems maintenance and training
  • Software product development and upgrades
  • System customisation