Ethical principles

Ethics are the foundation of long-term business success

Tellumat upholds a practical and measurable ethical code of practice that guides every aspect of our business conduct. Our ethical values and principles apply to all our employees, interns, students, suppliers, stakeholders and customers.

The company hereby makes all employees and agents aware of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act 12 of 2004 (PCCA) to provide for the strengthening of measures to prevent and combat corruption and corrupt activities. 

Core ethical principles

Tellumat does not give or receive bribes or kickbacks

Our employees may not:

  • Offer, promise, give, authorise, request, agree to receive, or accept any payments, gifts or anything of value. This applies to any business dealings including potential or existing buyers
  • Authorise or provide any payments, gifts of any kind, or anything of value indirectly through a third party
  • Solicit or accept any bribe, kickback or improper payment
  • Attempt to circumvent or avoid any of the requirements of our policies through a family member or any other individual.

In the event of unethical behaviour, don’t be blind

Call our anonymous hotline, or send an email. We take every issue seriously.


086 101 7432

Did you know…

Employees should disclose if a relative is connected with or works for a business that supplies or does business with the company in any way.