Corporate governance

Sustainable long-term value for all our stakeholders

The Tellumat Group conforms to the highest standard of corporate governance across all operations and decision-making processes. Our accountability to shareholders, technology partners, employees and other stakeholders is of the utmost importance.

Board of Directors

The board of 6 directors approves strategic plans and annual budgets at group and divisional levels, and it regularly reviews financial results and overall operational performance. The board’s implemented hierarchy of delegated authorities, assures its objective authority over all material decisions.

Three separate boards oversee matters outlined by their respective terms of reference.

Decentralised divisional management

Key divisional management teams are accountable for divisional performance and operations. Regularly reviewed and updated strategies guide management direction and form the basis for annual budgets and financial targets. Our five integrated, yet self-sufficient, divisions work to facilitate and support Tellumat Group’s ethical corporate governance principles.