Tellumat Integrated Solutions (TIS) provides extensive design and engineering services including:

Radio frequency (RF) engineering services

  • RF planning for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint technologies – includes all phases of RF planning from desktop feasibility to field survey and detailed RF design
  • Link planning using simulation software to determine the optimum link performance for point-to-point links
  • We also perform coverage analysis in point-to-multipoint networks using technologies such as LTE
  • Frequency planning allows the operator to achieve a spectrally efficient network design
  • We also conduct network audits in order to bring down the cost of spectrum license fees through optimisation of channels used within the network
  • Network optimisation entails the on-going improvement of network performance for the installed subscriber base

Fibre optic design and engineering services

Our skilled team provides the full spectrum of fibre topologies (Long haul/Metro/Access networks) covering network planning, route and survey design, right of way permits.

Microwave transmission network planning

We also specialise in designing microwave links and provide associated network planning and management services.