In partnership with a leading global airport ground lighting (AGL) system original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we supply, install, commission and support all AGL systems. Our product-specific competencies and capabilities extend to:

  • Site selection, survey and preparation
  • Project management
  • Systems installation
  • Systems commissioning
  • Systems maintenance and training
  • Software product development and upgrades
  • System customisation

Airfield ground lighting product range

  • Complete line of inset runway, taxiway and heliport lights
  • All types of elevated lights and taxiway guidance lights
  • Constant current regulators with pulse width modulation (PWM) for best electrical performance
  • Series circuit selector switches
  • Flashing light, obstacle light and sign power supplies
  • Best quality electronic control and monitoring of circuits and individual light units
  • Mobile (portable) airfield lighting system
  • Emergency airfield lighting system (EALS)

Emergency airfield lighting system (EALS) components

Used extensively in Africa, our EALS is completely self-contained, durable and quick to install even in extreme operating environments. It includes everything required for deployment on various surfaces and in adverse handling conditions. Our EALS can light an airfield runway of up to 150 ft. by 10 000 ft. Components include:

  • Edge lights
  • Approach lights
  • Approach strobes
  • Threshold/end lights
  • Precision approach path indicators (PAPIs)
  • Taxiway lights and reflectors
  • Distance-to-go (DTG) marker lights and reflectors
  • Cabling
  • Generators
  • Regulators
  • Spare parts and tools
  • Flashlights for night installations

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